Which tests do I need?

Last updated: 02/11/21

The tests you need to take after you arrive in the UK depend on:

  • whether you qualify as fully vaccinated for travel to the UK
  • where you have been in the 10 days before you arrive

You qualify as fully vaccinated or you are under 18 if:

  • You can prove you have received a full dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before arriving.
  • Or, you’re aged 18 or under and resident in the UK or a country or territory that has approved proof of vaccination.
  • Or, you’re taking part in an approved vaccine trial.
  • You have not been in a red list country in 10 days before you arrive.

If you qualify as fully vaccinated and are arriving in ENGLAND you can book a Day 2 Lateral Flow Test

You do not qualify as fully vaccinated for travel to the UK if:

  • You are over 18 and you have not received a full dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before arriving.
  • You have not been in a red list country in 10 days before you arrive.

You will be required to quarantine for 10 days upon arriving in the UK and will be required to take Day 2 and Day 8 PCR Tests. You have the option of taking a Day 5 Test to Release PCR test which if negative will enable earlier release from quarantine.

When will I receive my testing kit?

We are currently processing orders Monday - Saturday. We suggest that you place your order well in advance of when you need to collect your sample. Our kits currently have an expiry date of well over 12 months. Once your order has been accepted and actioned you will receive a confirmation email. A further email will be sent once your order has been dispatched.

All of our kits are delivered by Royal Mail Tracked 24. Royal Mail aims to deliver kits in 2-3 business days.

Please anticipate longer delivery times if an order is submitted over the weekend.

Will I receive a test certificate?

Lateral Flow / Antigen Testing

Our testing partner aims to release Day 2 Lateral Flow test certificates within 8 hours of a validated result being successfully uploaded to the validation website: https://www.testsfortravel.com/register

Fit to Fly results are provided within 30 minutes of a result being uploaded.

PCR test results

You will receive your results via email, as well as a certificate of your results to use whilst travelling. Our laboratory partner aim to report your results the day after (upto 11:59pm) the sample is received in their laboratory. Our laboratory reporting time is 12-36 hours after receipt of the sample. Please check your spam/junk mail folder as occasionally your email provider may filter our emails there.

How do I return my COVID-19 PCR testing kit to the lab?

All our kits come with a pre-paid Royal Mail Tracked 24 label.

Please follow the enclosed instructions to take your sample, place the swab stick in the sample tube and secure this in the clear plastic bag. Place the clear plastic bag containing the sample in the return box (without the sleeve) and apply the security seal sticker. The prepaid Royal Mail postage sticker must remain visible when posting the box back to the lab.

You can then return the sample free of charge using a Royal Mail Priority Postbox. You can find your nearest Royal Mail priority postbox here.


(Please check the Royal Mail collection times carefully to ensure that your test reaches the laboratory in time for you to receive your results)

Do I need to register my kit online?

Yes you MUST register your kit online so that our laboratory partner can send you your results.


Your kit will contain a sample tube with a unique bar code. You will need to enter this barcode (starting with N) on the above website to register your kit. You must include the details of the person who is being tested.

(Failure to register your kit will mean we will be unable to send you your results)

How do I take my lateral flow test?

Please follow the instruction leaflet on how to register your test online.

The following video outlines how to take your sample using the FlowFlex Lateral Flow test in your kit.

How do I use the PCR kit?

Please ensure that you register your kit with your Unique Barcode (11 digit barcode starting with N).


  1. Each kit comes with a swab and sample collection tube
  2. Wash your hands. Then remove the throat/nasal swab from the sterile packet.
  3. Hold the swab in your dominant hand and collect the sample from your throat. There are 5 key areas of the mouth that are illustrated on the patient information leaflet. 
  4. Using the same swab, insert it into one nostril up to 3cm.
  5. Rotate the swab 5 times and then leave in position for 5-10 seconds.
  6. Snap the swab stick in half and enter the cotton wool sample end into the sample tube. (Ensure that the liquid is not disposed of)
  7. Place the swab stick in the sample tube/liquid. Firmly screw the cap closed to prevent leakage.
  8. Place the sample tube into the clear plastic bag and seal this bag.
  9. Please the clear plastic bag into the return box and seal closed using the security seal.
  10. Ensure that the pre-paid return address is visible and not covered.
  12. Return the sample to the lab by placing it in any Royal Mail Priority Postbox.

When will my sample reach the lab?

All our kits have pre-paid postage with Royal Mail Tracked 24. Royal Mail endeavours to get your sample to the lab the next day if it is dropped to a Priority Postbox prior to the final collection time.

To ensure that your sample reaches the lab promptly please follow this guide to Royal Mail postage.

I posted my sample on a... It should arrive at the laboratory on a... *
Monday Post before ‘Last Collection’ time for the best possible chance of the lab receiving your sample on Tuesday
Tuesday Post before ‘Last Collection’ time for the best possible chance of the lab receiving your sample on Wednesday
Wednesday Post before ‘Last Collection’ time for the best possible chance of the lab receiving your sample on Thursday
Thursday Post before ‘Last Collection’ time for the best possible chance of the lab receiving your sample on Friday
Friday Post before ‘Last Collection’ time for the best possible chance of the lab receiving your sample on Saturday
Saturday Post before ‘Last Collection’ time for the best possible chance of the lab receiving your sample on Monday **
Sunday Post before ‘Last Collection’ time for the best possible chance of the lab receiving your sample on Monday/Tuesday **
*These are estimates only

** To give your sample the best chance of reaching the lab on time please drop your completed kit at the local Royal Mail delivery office prior to the last collection time.

Please note that Covidfly has no control over and cannot be held responsible for Royal Mail delivery times. We encourage all customers to send their samples as early as possible.  

When will my sample be tested?

Our laboratory aims to test all samples within 12-36 hours of receipt of the sample.

You can track your sample using the Royal Mail Tracking Website.

If 36 hours has passed since your sample was received by the lab please:

1. Ensure that you have activated your kit by visiting the Online Portal

2. Check your Spam/Junk folder for your results

2. Contact Covidfly by email: enquiries@covidfly.co.uk

How will I get my results?

Your test results will be emailed to you, using the email address provided during the registration process.
You will be notified via an email from our laboratory partner with your results report within 12-36 hours of the sample being received in the lab.

Occasionally your email provider may filter your test results into your Spam/Junk Mail folder. Please check here for your results.



What does a void/unclear test result mean?

On occasion the testing process can return an unclear result. This is exceptionally uncommon. Please contact us by email at enquiries@covidfly.co.uk

What do I do if I receive a POSITIVE test result?

You will be notified via email of the result and what to do next. For more information please visit the UK Government website.

Please note we are duty bound by law to inform public health authorities and the UK government of positive results. This is to help with public health measures and test and trace programs.

Will my passport details be on my certificate?

Yes you add your passport details when registering your kit. This will ensure that your results certificate has your passport details included.

How do I obtain my DHSC Reference Number for my passenger locator form?

If you are travelling to the United Kingdom you will need to complete a passenger locator form prior to arriving in the UK. This also applies if you are transiting through the United Kingdom.

You can submit the form online in the 48 hours prior to arriving in the UK.

You’ll need to show your form when you check in to travel or board your plane, train or ferry to the UK.

You will need to submit a DHSC booking reference number when completing your passenger locator form. This will be emailed to you and is the same as your order number.

Please check your spam/junk folder as your email provider may have filtered our email there.

You can find more information and complete your passenger locator form here.

Does my child need a COVID test to travel?

Last updated: 14/08/21

The most up to date information about the rules for departing and arriving in the UK can be found on the UK government website.

The rules for children depend on age and country of residency.

Children resident in the UK, British Overseas Territories, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, USA or a recognised European country

The recognised European countries are the EU countries, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland or the Vatican City.

Children of all ages who are resident in these countries or territories do not have to quarantine.

If they are aged 4 and under they do not have to take any COVID-19 travel tests.

11 to 17 year olds must take a:

5 to 10 year olds:

  • do not have to take a pre-departure test
  • must take a day 2 test on or before day 2 – arrival day is day 0
Children resident in other countries

Children aged 5 to 17 who are resident in any other country must:

  • take a COVID-19 pre-departure test before travelling to England
  • take a COVID-19 test on or before day 2 in England – arrival day is day 0
  • take a COVID-19 test on or after day 8 in England – arrival day is day 0
  • quarantine at home or in the place they’re staying for 10 days, or for the duration of their stay if it’s less than 10 days

Children aged 4 or under from these other countries do not have to take travel tests.

They must follow quarantining rules.

How do I get a test for my child?

All our tests can safely be used with children. See our instruction leaflet within the test kit for more information.

You must register child tests with COVIDFLY and NOT with Everything Genetic. You can register your child's test kit by visiting https://activate.covidfly.co.uk

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